The Safe Alternative to a Trampoline with Bars

Every year in the USA, over 100,000 trampoline injuries are reported to ER’s. Most of which are head injuries. Traditional trampolines, although fun, can cause mild and severe injuries due to the nature of the springs and the height of the tramp itself.

trampoline with bars for kids

How did we solve some of these problems? Making a trampoline with bars and making it low to the ground.

Many children fall off the trampoline or have a hard time getting on/off without getting hurt. The Jungle Jumparoo allows for the thrill and exhilaration of jumping, without the dangers of a traditional trampoline. The sturdy metal bars allow for the frame to stay grounded while up to eight (8) children jump at a time on the large model. The poles also create a sense of security for smaller children who may be afraid to bounce, also allowing for creativity and fun games for kids, keeping them entertained for hours.

The bars have several other benefits for your children as they play. They help improve and increase their overall balance, coordination, and grip strength. Other styles of trampolines with bars can easily tip over and be unbalanced, but the Jungle Jumparoo is designed to keep kids safe while they jump and explore.

trampoline with bars

The Jungle Jumparoo is one of a kind. There is simply nothing on the market quite like it. This is definitely a toy you will have for decades to come. Unlike a bounce house that can be difficult to set up and takedown, the Jungle Jumparoo is a one-time setup. It can be used indoor or outdoor and is strong and sturdy for all ages. The bars allow for kids to feel safe and secure when jumping. The games and creativity are endless on this bounce toy and the safety is unbeatable.