The Safe Alternative to a Trampoline

Every year in the USA, over 100,000 trampoline injuries are reported to ER’s, most of which are head injuries. Traditional trampolines, although fun, can cause mild and severe injuries due to the nature of the springs and the height of the tramp itself.

If you have young children, they’ve probably begged you for a trampoline at one time or another. Kids love jumping, and it’s good for their development and health. It gets them moving and lets them develop cognition of the world around them while gaining flexibility and better circulation. Jumping also improves balance, coordination, bone density, and more. But you’ve probably heard that trampolines aren’t the safest option for kids, which can be true.

trampoline with bars for kids

How did we solve some of these problems? By making a trampoline with bars and making it low to the ground.

Jungle Jumparoo

Many children fall off the trampoline or difficulty getting on/off without getting hurt. The Jungle Jumparoo allows for the thrill and exhilaration of jumping, without the dangers of a traditional trampoline. The sturdy metal bars allow for the frame to stay grounded while up to eight (8) children jump at a time on the large model. The poles also create a sense of security for smaller children who may be afraid to bounce, also allowing for creativity and fun games for kids, keeping them entertained for hours.

The bars have several other benefits for your children as they play. They help improve and increase their overall balance, coordination, and grip strength. Other styles of trampolines with bars can easily tip over and be unbalanced, but the Jungle Jumparoo is designed to keep kids safe while they jump and explore.

trampoline with bars

Other Safe Alternatives

There are other alternatives to trampolines that you can explore as well. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of safe trampoline alternatives for you to go over and choose the best option for you and your family. 


Jungle Jumparoo Mini

Our Jungle Jumparoo Mini is a smaller version of the original Jungle Jumparoo. It’s perfect for smaller kiddos and smaller areas. The thinner bars are ideal for little hands and make it easy for ages 2-7 to enjoy a safe trampoline alternative. Set it up in a preschool or daycare, and watch the fun take off.


Jungle Jumparoo Turret Sprinkler

Add an extra level of fun to your Jungle Jumparoo with our Turret Sprinkler. It goes on the top of your Jungle Jumparoo and has five different water patterns for kids to enjoy. A standard garden hose is all that you need to set it up. With this add-on, your kids will have a new world of fun in hotter weather. 


Inflatable Pool Toys

Even out of the water, inflatable pool toys can be fun. They give kiddos a bouncy surface without being too tall, making them safer than traditional trampolines. Keep an eye out for holes in the vinyl, but inflatable toys are lightweight and can offer a safe alternative to bounce. Kids can move them around by themselves, and they’re simple enough for all ages to play with easily.


Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have been around for decades and have always offered fun ways for kids to jump and bounce. Bean bag chairs are versatile and fun for small children. They’re easy to keep outside of playtime as a place to sit during leisure times. Since they’re so light and shapeable, they work well in small places.


Pool Toys

Pool toys can be just as much fun without the pool (but a pool is fun too!). They’re cost-effective and lightweight, making them easy for kids of all ages to play with long-term because they’re so easy to replace. Depending on the pool toy, you might want to send kiddos outside to play to prevent any lamps from breaking, but pool noodles and boogie boards can provide endless fun for kids and their friends. Their imaginations can take off and come up with lots of games with pool toys. Consider your next play date planned!


Slip and Slide

It’s important to get kids outside and play away from screens. A fun way to do that in hot weather is to set up a Slip N’ Slide. They provide a thrill for kids, and they’re a perfect way to beat the heat. You can use them just about anywhere, and they’re easy to set up as long as you have access to water. Kids won’t even miss a trampoline with their own Slip N’ Slide.



A staple at any park or playground is a swing set. If you and your kids don’t have easy access to a park swing set, we have great news for you. We have a rope swing that can hang from your Jungle Jumparoo. It’s a custom-made trapeze swing that works for all seasons. Let your kids swing, spin, and twist and add a new level of possibilities and imagination. 


Hopper Ball

Sometimes, you just don’t have the space for a trampoline. They can take up a lot of real estate, and that’s not always feasible. A hopper ball is a good substitute when you don’t have a lot of space. It’s still bouncy and fun for your kiddo, but it doesn’t take up much room, and it doesn’t go too high, which minimizes injury.


Foam Pit

Foam pits are a hit with kids and adults. Instead of being tall with a falling risk, they’re sunk into the floor and are easy to jump into safely. They’re soft, and you can just dive right in. They’re fun for all ages, so show off your jumping-in skills and impress your whole family. Find your nearest foam pit and plan a family playdate!


Couch Cushions

Depending on how you set up your living room, you might consider letting your kids jump around on your couch cushions. For little kids, it’s just as fun as a trampoline, but it’s a safer alternative. Older kids will get a kick out of classic games like ‘the floor is lava’ while jumping from one couch to another. There’s still a small fall risk, so make sure to move any coffee tables or other furniture with sharp corners. 


Jump Rope

When it comes to classics, not much can beat a jump rope. They’ve been around for generations, and they’ve always been popular. Jump ropes are surprisingly versatile, and they offer great cardio exercise. Even better, kids can use them with their friends, which gives them a chance to build their social skills while having a ton of fun.


Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course for your kiddos can be a fun activity you can do together. Obstacle courses can be set up indoors or outdoors to challenge your kids. You can include balance beams, hopscotch, mazes, tunnels, and other exercises. The best part is that your obstacle course can be different every time so that kids won’t get bored. 


Large Stuffed Animals

Similar to bean bags, large stuffed animals are a safe trampoline alternative. They’re big enough for smaller kids to climb on, but they’re still easy to move and fit in small spaces. When they’re not in use, oversized stuffed animals make an excellent accessory for any child’s bedroom. Your child will love having a giant teddy bear or unicorn around to snuggle when they’re not jumping on it.


Exercise Videos

All of these trampoline alternatives aim to get your kids moving and getting out their wiggles. An exercise video is a good option if you haven’t had time to plan something. There are so many free exercise videos available it isn’t difficult to find a video that will vibe with your kids. You can even find a video that you can do together to spend quality time with your kids while getting a workout.



The Jungle Jumparoo is one of a kind — there is simply nothing on the market quite like it. This trampoline alternative is a toy you will have for decades. Unlike a bounce house that can be difficult to set up and takedown, the Jungle Jumparoo is a one-time setup. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is strong and sturdy for all ages. The bars allow kids to feel safe and secure when jumping. The games and creativity are endless on this bounce toy, and the safety is unbeatable.

So, if you’re looking for a safe trampoline alternative, look no further! Our Jungle Jumparoo provides hours of fun, and there are so many add-ons you can get that kids will never get tired of it. They’ll be able to get moving while playing all kinds of games. This helps their bodies and minds be healthier, and isn’t that what every parent wants for their kiddos? Don’t wait! Give your children a safe alternative to traditional trampolines that still gives them a whole-body exercise.