Jungle Jumparoo for Occupational Therapists

A boy jumps onto his Jungle Jumparoo in his backyard.

The Jungle Jumparoo is a dream come true for an Occupational Therapist! The possibilities of using this in a therapy session are endless. The jumparoo can provide many benefits for those we work with from toddler-aged through adulthood! In addition, individuals with special needs can enjoy this fun, sensory-filled piece of equipment while gaining therapeutic benefits simultaneously!

The Jungle Jumpraoo is a wonderful tool to enhance and increase muscle strength and endurance throughout the lower extremities, core muscles, and upper extremities. While holding on to the poles with hands and jumping simultaneously, it engages the mind-body connection. It triggers neuromuscular activity like sustaining midline control, crossing midline, bilateral interaction, balancing, upper and lower body coordination while sustaining the rhythm of jumping.

Jumping on the Jungle Jumparoo stimulates the sensory system by providing rhythmic and organizing vestibular input (movement of the head in space), active proprioceptive input (movement of our body, muscles, and joints), and tactile input (touch). The movement of jumping up and down provides rhythmic, linear vestibular information. Jumping clockwise and counter-clockwise in an orbital fashion provides even more vestibular stimulation. While jumping, muscles are doing heavy work, which simulates the proprioceptive system. Feet also feel the deep pressure from the soft, bouncy tube and cover; hands are receiving tactile input as they hold on to the poles, which also helps increase our grip strength.

A therapist can engage a child in therapeutic activities during a therapy session while jumping by stimulating language skills, auditory processing skills, visual processing skills, self-regulation, and cognitive skills simultaneously. The Jungle Jumparoo can be used as part of a child's sensory diet and be utilized throughout a child's day to provide sensory input in an organized and efficient manner. Therapists can use it to offer movement breaks between fine motor and tabletop activities and help increase a child's alertness level, attention span, and motivation to the task at hand. Therapists can also use it to provide positive reinforcement during a therapy session or a child's day.

Across our lifespan, our bodies and minds require movement and sensory-motor experiences! When our whole body and mind are engaged, we are more efficient and happy learners! As an Occupational Therapist, I am so pleased to see so many benefits that one piece of equipment can provide!