Warranty Coverage

The Jungle JumpaRoo warranty covers manufacturing defects for up to 1 year dependent on the product. Warranty does not apply to general wear and tear from use of the product.

Jungle Jumparoo

1 year warranty on the structure, does not apply to wear and tear from use of the product. 

Inner Tube

30 day warranty on overall product, 1 year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects.

Tube Cover

6 months manufacturing defect warranty. Tube covers left in direct sunlight will void the warranty. We suggest keeping the tube cover out of direct sunlight, or keeping the unit covered with a Weather Cover or tarp. 

Weather Cover

6 month manufacturing defect warranty. 

Rope Swing

1 year manufacturing defect warranty.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your product warranty, please contact our customer services team through our contact page.  

Should your Jungle Jumparoo be out of warranty and require replacement parts, these can be purchased on our Replacement Parts section or by calling our customer services on the number provided in our contact page.

Warranty Claim

If you believe you have a manufacturing fault or a product defect with your JungleJumpaRoo and need to make a warranty claim, please visit our contact page.

You will receive feedback on your claim within 2 business days.