The Best Gifts From Grandparents

Finding the perfect gift for your grandkids can be like finding a needle in a giant online haystack. With most shopping happening online, it can be hard to know what gifts your grandkids will love, and what will end up in the Donate pile within a few months. 

Best gift for grandkids

While toys are always a great option (and we just happen to have the BEST toy ever!) there are several other gift ideas grandparents can pick for their grandkids. 

Gifting Experiences

While it might be hard right now (thanks, 2020), giving experiences as gifts are quickly growing to become a preference among grandparents and grandkids. There are bound to be several budget-friendly museums or kid-classes your grandkids would love as a gift from their grandparent. Monthly or yearly memberships are a great way to ensure your grandkids will get to enjoy their gift all year. Tickets to a live, kid-friendly event and subscription boxes that offer magical books or DIY science experiments are also great experiences your grandkids would cherish. 

Gifting Time

When was the last time you got to take your grandkids out one-on-one? If distance allows, we can’t think of a more special gift you can gift your grandkids. A simple date to the park or a movie night on the couch can feel like a dream come true to a kid who’s probably used to sharing their grandparents with other siblings and cousins. 

Gifting Open-Ended Toys

Of course, we think the Jungle Jumparoo is by far the best gift from grandparents. Your kids will love that you got your grandkids a toy that doesn’t make noise, break easily, or require batteries. Just 10 minutes of jumping provides the same level of cardiovascular health benefits as 33 minutes of running and a study by NASA reports that jumping is 60% more efficient than running. So, not only will your grandkids love playing on the Jungle Jumaproo, but it will also wear them out, (which means your children will be thanking you too).

See what this grandparent says about this gift idea for her grandkids: 

“I got the Mini Jungle Jumparoo for my granddaughter’s second birthday. Best Gift Ever! She loves it. Can’t wait for my grandsons to come for a visit. They are going to love it.” - Sarah M.

Another said this has been the best gift from a grandparent her children have gotten: 

“All 4 grandkids and their moms and friends love the Jungle Jumparoo. They use it daily. I highly recommend it for all ages!” - Sharon K. 

If it’s Christmas, birthdays, or “just because”, finding the perfect gift idea for grandparents to their grandkids doesn’t have to be an endless search of “best toys for kids” online. You can gift experiences, time, or a toy everyone in the family will love- the Jungle Jumparoo!