Jungle Jumparoo

$ 399

Our Jungle Jumparoo is a one of a kind toy and sensory tool. Featuring vertical bars that provide safety and security while jumping, low to the ground for easy on and off and NO double bounce allowing small children to jump with anyone the Jungle Jumparoo is safe for all ages. The Jungle Jumparoo provides a safe and healthy way for your children to get the exercise they need, without compromising the fun or enjoyment they experience. Ten minutes playing on the Jungle Jumparoo is equivalent to your child running for 33 minutes, and it's the exercise they'll be excited to do. The activities and games are endless. The 6 1/2' Jungle Jumparoo is designed for ages 2 years & up. It is indoor outdoor use and is perfect for backyards, indoor playrooms, pre-schools, daycare centers and playgrounds. The Jungle Jumparoo is made of high-quality steel and glazed with powder coated paint. .  

When using the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors outdoors keep the Jungle Jumparoo out of direct sunlight as the extreme heat and UV. When used outdoors the inner tube must have the Tube Cover, this will prevent the inner tube from becoming hot, and will protect the inner tube from UV damage.  Failure to do so will void the tube warranty, limit the lifespan of the inner tube and can cause the inner tube to be hot. 

*If planning to use the item outdoors please see our care section linked on this page . The box of this item contains the Jungle Jumparoo Logo, but not an image of the product.


Compatible Accessories: 

  • Bumper Pads
  • Tube Cover
  • Rope Swing
  • Sprinkler
  • All-Weather Cover
  • Pit Balls
  • Air Compressor

  • Weight: 95 lbs
    Box Dimensions: 46" x 24" x 6"


    Product Details

    Weight: 95 lbs
    Box Dimensions: 46” x 24” x 6”

    When using the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors keep the Jungle Jumparoo out of direct sunlight as the extreme heat and UV will limit the lifespan of the inner tube. The Jungle Jumparoo should be placed in the shade with the Tube Cover and All-Weather Cover in use.

    Jungle jumparoo care

    Jungle Jumparoo Care

    Tube Maintenance

    To inflate your Inner Tube, you will need a standard air compressor, to ensure proper inflation we recommend using the start/stop method; small burst of air then stop, continue until full. This keeps the tube round and helps the air disperse within the tube evenly. Tube will be firm to the touch—there is no PSI reading on the tube since there is not an outer tire. The tube will stand about 13–15 inches high when properly inflated.

    There is NO PSI reading on the tube due to the lack of an outer tire

    The Large Inner tube will stand about 16 inches high and the Mini tube about 12 inches high when properly inflated

    During inflation, if you notice any asymmetry in your tube, remove any air in the tube and re-inflate slowly using the stop and start air flow method to prevent bulging

    Due to the heavy rubber compound it can take a few weeks for your tube to break-in and may require more air, we recommend filling the tube slowly and adding more as needed. Inflating the tube too quickly or over inflation of the tube will decrease the lifespan and can also cause bulging

    If you encounter a slow leak in your new inner tube it is likely due to a loose inner valve stem core. If this part is not tightened all the way it will allow air to slowly leak over time. Use a small pair of tweezers or the valve tool that came with your Jungle Jumparoo to tighten this part by turning the inner pin in the valve stem clockwise (to the right) until it stops. You can also remove this part to deflate the inner tube quickly by unscrewing this part counterclockwise (to the left). A video is available on our FAQs section of the website to guide you through this process

    The Jungle Jumparoo Tube has been specifically developed and tested to withstand the impact of jumping and is made from the heaviest premium rubber compound on the market. There are a few key steps you can take to ensure the lifespan of your Inner Tube:

    • Avoid abrasive or corrosive chemicals, such as pool treatment chemicals, motor oil, fertilizer, industrial cleaning solutions, sharp objects, high heels, sports cleats, weed whackers, lawn mowers, etc.
    • Avoid Sunlight/UV exposure, we suggest using the Tube Cover and the All-Weather Cover to protect the Inner Tube when enjoying the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors. The Jungle Jumparoo Tube Cover is not UV resistant and will fade when used outdoors, but adds an extra layer of protection, helps prevent tube splits, premature rubber rot due to UV exposure, asymmetry. It also adds traction when using the Turret Sprinkler and protects little feet from a hot tube
    • Inner tubes that are used often will last longer as this maintains the elasticity and flexibility of the rubber. During the manufacturing process, the tube manufacturer adds a protective compound to the rubber formula. Regular use allows the inner tube to flex and compress, pushing this protective substance to the surface.

      This doesn’t happen in an unused inner tube, so the rubber is more vulnerable to damage from ozone and oxidation. Tubes that are stored over the winter are more likely to have rubber rot and develop holes when inflated in the spring. If you must store the tube deflate, store in a plastic bag in a cool dark location. However, this does not guarantee that there will be no rubber rot.
    • Avoid extreme temperatures that are hot and cold, and remove air for the hotter summer months
    • Under inflation or over inflation can happen after long periods of non-use (such as seasonal storage)
    • Use a UV protectant on your inner tube to increase the lifespan of the tube

    Over or improper inflation, bulging, outdoor use and storage without suggested protection and care, seasonal storage and contact with sharp objects are not covered by warranty.

    Before Each Use

    • Inspect and tighten all bars and bolts as needed
    • You may also use a product called "Locite" in the threads of your Jungle Jumparoo if you find the bars or bolts are not staying threaded after a single use
    • Visually inspect the inner tube for proper inflation
    • Check for any signs of visible damage or wear to the tube

    Beginning of Each Season

    • Tighten all hardware
    • Check all bolts and set screws to ensure they are screwed together tight and properly, set screws should be flush with bar
    • Replace any missing bolts or set screws as needed
    • Check tube for wear or rubber rot, add or remove air as needed for proper inflation
    • Many people do not understand why their tube will suddenly not hold air after being packed away all winter long. The answer is simple. When rubber is not is use it begins to breakdown causing rubber rot. The best thing you can do to prolong the use of your tube is to use it as often as possible!
    • Use a UV protectant on your inner tube to increase the lifespan of the tube
    • There are various products on the market, this is simply one we have used personally
    • If using the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors we recommend wiping the Jungle Jumparoo down with CRL or a similar product then applying a clear sealant coat on the powder coating every season to seal any cracks or wear that may developed over time and use

    End of Each Season

    • Bring the Jungle Jumparoo indoors at the end of the outdoor season, or when temperatures drop below 40 degrees
    • Using the Jungle Jumparoo year round will increase the life of your Inner Tube substantially
    • If using the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors we recommend wiping the Jungle Jumparoo down with CRL or a similar product then applying a clear sealant coat on the powder coating every season to seal any cracks or wear that may developed over time and use
    • Leaving the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors in extreme temperatures can cause the powder coating to chip and will drastically reduce the lifespan of the tube even when using the All-Weather Cover

    Tube Cover

    • The Jungle Jumparoo Tube cover is not UV resistant
    • We highly suggest keeping the tube cover covered by a tarp or All-Weather Cover when not in use
    • If necessary wash the tube cover by hand with a neoprene wash and hang to dry

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