Is the Jungle Jumparoo fun?

Is the Jungle Jumparoo safe?

How does the Jungle Jumparoo compare to a Trampoline?

What is a Jungle Jumparoo?

What’s your favorite thing about the Jungle Jumparoo?

Would you invite your friends to play on it?

Who can play on it?

See the Jungle Jumparoo in action!


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What do first time jumpers have to say?

It’s fun for all ages! I like it a lot! It’s awesome.
- Cameron (age 12)

It’s a jungle of fun. I love to climb and it’s great to climb on!
- Sierra (age 8)

Entertains for hours. You can’t get hurt doing this. There are so many ways to have fun with it!
- Paulina (age 16)

I grew up playing on it. I love it now as much as I did when I was two.
- Haley (age 15)

I love it because there are so many things you can do! The fun never ends.
- Breanna (age 16)

You bounce a lot! It’s much more fun than a trampoline to me. I would rather have a Jungle Jumparoo than a trampoline.
- Sydney (age 12)

You can do a little bit more than on a trampoline. You can bounce higher and climb on it.
- Kelen (age 12)

I can jump on it with my feet really high!
- Stella (age 5)

It’s like a trampoline crossed with monkey bars.
- Madeline (age 9)

Are you kidding me? I love it!
- Gavin (age 5)

All other toys and tramps will eventually break and get thrown away, but the Jungle Jumparoo is so durable, unique, and diverse, it will last through generation after generation!
- Adriana (mother of 3)

The Jungle Jumparoo is a must have for kids of all ages! Very safe and extremely fun! Even adults love the novelty of jumping while holding on! It’s the first thing kids do when they come over! Caution: very addicting!
- Melissa (mother of 6)