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Health Benefits

Jump into the Health Benefits

1 in every 3 kids in the US are considered overweight or obese. Did you know that obese kids have an 80% chance of staying obese their entire lives? In order to live long and healthy lives, exercise is a must. But these healthy habits start at an early age. Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease. It also increases the risk of stroke and such other major cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, low HDL (“good”) cholesterol and diabetes. The good news is, exercise can be both fun and exciting!


Exercise in Disguise

Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping provides the same level of cardiovascular health benefits as 33 minutes of running? A study by NASA reports this means jumping is 68% more efficient than running.

The Journal of Applied Physiology reported that jumping is the most effective form of exercise yet devised by man, plus it’s FUN!


Strengthening Your Heart

Jumping uses almost every muscle, especially your heart muscle! With use, these muscles get stronger.

How? As you jump you put greater gravitational pull (G force) on your muscles. With each bounce, sixty trillion cells in your body are continuously being strengthened. Heart muscle fibers will get stronger which means all of your muscles and muscle layers will grow stronger as well.


Jump to Succeed

Many professionals recognize that a child’s ability to learn depends on their control of movement. A child's success in sports, recreation and in the classroom has a direct correlation with movement and muscular strength. Blood circulation is increased when the cardiovascular system is thriving. Good circulation ensures that oxygen is pumped throughout your body and to the brain which helps you feel healthier and more alert.

Jumping improves circulation and allows children to gain better body control and overall balance, stamina and awareness of body positioning. This can have a positive effect on performance and physical activity and ability.


Detox Harmful Toxins

Jumping stimulates your lymphatic system, helping rid your body of toxins, bacteria, viruses and other cell waste. The constant change in gravity stimulates every cell in your body. Jumping increases your heart rate, gives you an aerobic, cardiovascular workout and increases your coordination, rhythm and stamina.

When blood circulation is increased, the body releases energy and pumps more oxygen into the brain and other tissues. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a heart to aide in pumping throughout the body. It relies on gravity and body movement.




Jumping & Autism

Tests have linked bouncing with positive benefits for children with autism. The sheer fun and sense of well-being encourages vestibular system input, which controls movement and balance as well as awareness of body positioning. Bouncing also assists with motion feedback, how the body responds to movement through space and perception.

Jumping can help physical sensory integration with the body’s different systems.  This is an added benefit for children with sensitive sensory input. It’s can also be an enjoyable repetitive behavior that can provide both soothing and stimulating sensory input for the child. Allowing friends, siblings and neighborhood kids to jump together will also provide a social benefit for the child. 

  • The Jungle Jumparoo Tube has been specifically tested to withstand the impact of jumping and is made from the heaviest rubber compound on the market and contains no additives that cause premature rubber rot.
  • The compound contains a double UV protection for use outdoors. However, there are a few key steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your Inner Tube.
  • Keep the Jungle Jumparoo Inner tube out of direct Sunlight.
  • Cover the Inner Tube with the All-Weather Cover or a Tarp when not in use.
  • Remove some air from the tube in the hot summer months
  • To protect your Inner Tube over time avoid the following:
    • Abrasive or corrosive chemicals, such as pool treatment chemicals, motor oil, and industrial cleaning solutions
    • Excessive or direct sunlight that exposes the Inner Tube to harmful UV rays
    • Extremely low temperatures
    • High temperatures 
    • Long periods of disuse (such as seasonal storage)
    • Under inflation
    • Over inflation
  • Use a UV protectant on your inner tube to increase the lifespan of the tube
  • Overinflation, storage in direct sunlight and improper inflation which caused bulging is not covered by warranty and will significantly decrease the lifespan of the tube. It is recommended that air be removed from the tube during hotter months. 
  • Inspect and tighten all bars and bolts as needed
  • You may also use a product called “Loctite” in the threads of your Jungle Jumparoo if you find the bars are not staying threaded after a single use 
  • Visually inspect the inner tube for proper inflation.
  • Check for any signs of visible damage or wear to the tube.
  • Tighten all hardware
  • Check all bolts and set screws to ensure they are screwed together tight and properly, set screws should be flush with bar
  • Replace any missing bolts or set screws as needed
  • Check tube for wear or rubber rot, add or remove air as needed for proper inflation
    • Many people do not understand why their tube will suddenly not hold air after being packed away all winter long, the answer is simple. When rubber is not is use it begins to breakdown causing rubber rot. The best thing you can do to prolong the use of your tube is to use it as often as possible!
  • Use a UV protectant on your inner tube to increase the lifespan of the tube 
    • There are various products on the market, this is simply one we have use personally
  • If using the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors we recommend wiping the Jungle Jumparoo down with CRL or a similar product then applying a clear sealant coat on the powder coating every season to seal any cracks or wear that may developed over time and use.
  • Bring the Jungle Jumparoo indoors at the end of the outdoor season, or when temperatures drop below 40 degrees 
  • Using the Jungle Jumparoo year round will increase the life of your Inner Tube substantially
  • If using the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors we recommend wiping the Jungle Jumparoo down with CRL or a similar product then applying a clear sealant coat on the powder coating every season to seal any cracks or wear that may developed over time and use.
  • Leaving the Jungle Jumparoo outdoors in extreme temperatures can cause the powder coating to chip and will drastically reduce the lifespan of the tube even when using the All-Weather Cover.
  • The Jungle Jumparoo Tube cover is not UV resistant.
  • We highly suggest keeping the tube cover covered by a tarp or All-Weather Cover when not in use.
  • If necessary wash the tube cover by hand with a neoprene wash and hang to dry.  

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