Kid’s Trampoline Workout


While trampolines are fun for the whole family, did you know they can also be an excellent way for your kids to get some exercise? The bouncing motion, along with various tricks and landings, engages different muscle groups throughout the body and offers several health benefits. 

Adults have been using small trampolines as workout tools for decades; now it’s time to discover how trampoline exercises can improve your child’s health. 

Trampoline Workout Benefits for Kids

So, what are the health benefits of using a trampoline for exercise for kids? There are several, and we’d love to tell you about each of them! 

Builds Muscle Strength

When kids are jumping on a trampoline for exercise, they engage different muscles in their bodies, including abs, glutes, legs, back, and arm muscles. The consistent up-and-down jumping movement keeps these muscles working throughout the session and can improve muscle tone and overall strength in your children. 

Improves Bone Density

Weight-bearing exercises, like jumping on a trampoline, are highly beneficial for overall bone health. The repeated jumping action creates a gentle impact on bones, strengthening them and leading to better bone density over time. It’s important for kids to build bone density while they’re young and have developing bones, as it leads to stronger bones into adulthood. 

Better Their Balance

Another great reason to use a trampoline for exercise for kids is that it helps improve kids' balance. Since the jumping surface is flexible, children learn how to stay balanced when coming down so they don’t fall over after each jump. Good balance and the resulting spatial awareness benefit children as they try other physical activities or participate in sports. 

Good for Their Heart

Trampoline exercises are also a great form of cardio for your little ones, meaning it increases their heart rate during a workout. Cardio exercises improve heart health, enhance stamina, and contribute to overall health. 

Relieves Stress

In addition to being physically beneficial, using a trampoline for exercise for kids also has some mental well-being benefits. The repetitive bouncing motion and fun experience release endorphins, which reduce stress and improve your child’s mood. 

Top Trampoline Exercises for Kids

Here are some simple trampoline exercises your kids can do to get helpful health benefits while having tons of fun. 

Basic Bounce

The simple act of jumping up and down on a trampoline is a great way for kids to increase their heart rate and warm up their muscles before moving on to other moves. 

Tuck Jumps

This move is similar to a regular jump, but your child tucks their limbs into their trunk and then bursts out like a star before coming back down to land on their feet. This move helps work ab muscles and improves coordination. 

Knee Jumps

As your child is doing trampoline exercises, have them try knee jumps. This move involves bringing one or both knees up to the chest before landing back on the jumping mat. Knee jumps help target muscles in the lower body. 

Jumping Jacks

The normal jumping jack movement done on the ground can also be done on the trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline for this exercise gives kids an extra challenge, as they have to maintain their balance when they come back down. Trampoline jumping jacks engage leg and core muscles. 

Twist Jump

While your child is doing a basic jump, have them twist their torso to one side before landing. Then, have them twist in the opposite direction on their next jump. This move helps engage core muscles and improve spinal mobility. 

Don’t be afraid to look up trampoline exercise videos to find safe additional exercises for your children. 

Making Trampoline Exercises Fun

Jumping on a trampoline is already really fun for kids, and most activities they do while jumping will help improve their health. However, kids should learn that exercise can be enjoyable no matter where or how they do it, so they want to continue exercising throughout their lives. Here are a few ways to turn your kid’s trampoline exercises into fun activities. 

Trampoline Games

Some games that can be done on the trampoline for exercise for kids include bounce tag, Simon says, and crack the egg. These games get your kids moving for exercise while still letting them have fun in the process. 

Exercise Challenges

Try creating small exercise challenges for your kids, like increasing the number of jumps they can do in a row or trying a different trampoline exercise each week. Both options can help motivate your child to stay active and improve their fitness levels. 

Jumping Safely: Tips for Trampoline Exercises

Using a trampoline for exercise for kids is a fun fitness approach that keeps your children healthier. However, before fun, safety should always be the top priority for any activity on the trampoline. Here are some of our top tips for enhancing safety while your kids are jumping. 

Choosing the Right Trampoline

There are many trampoline options on the market, but not all have the best safety features. First, make sure you choose a no-spring trampoline [link to the new blog we just wrote about this], as these will always be a safer option than spring alternatives. From there, look for options with enhanced safety features such as enclosure nets, padded edges, holding bars for stability, and close proximity to the ground. 

Supervision and Safety Gear

You should always supervise your children on the trampoline to ensure they jump safely and don’t get too excited. It’s also a good idea to have your kids wear no-slip socks so they have a better grip on the jumping surface and are less likely to slip. 

Choosing the Right Trampoline for Exercise

Not all trampolines will be ideal for trampoline exercises, but the Jungle Jumparoo is! You get the fun jumping surface on the inner tube base, while the holding handles help your kids maintain their balance with each bounce. And, since the Jungle Jumparoo sits on the ground, you don’t have to worry about your kids falling off while doing their trampoline exercises. As a bonus, the Jungle Jumparoo can be used inside or outside, so your kids can jump on a trampoline for exercise regardless of the weather. 

Integrating Trampoline Exercises Into Daily Routine

Since jumping on a trampoline is so fun for kids, it shouldn’t be difficult to get them going. However, it’s wise to encourage a daily jumping routine. This helps your kids get into regular exercise and build the foundation for a lifelong healthy lifestyle. 

Jump Better With Jungle Jumparoo

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