Game Ideas for Your Kids’ Jumping Toy

Looking for a few games you can play on your Jungle Jumparoo? While most kids can easily come up with a dozen different ways to use this toy, we thought we could add to your idea list when everyone is feeling a little stuck.  Keep reading to see how we have adjusted some classic games to fit with your kids jumping toys.

Duck Duck Goose

This fun variation has the ducks standing and lined up around the Jumparoo. The person selects the “Goose” they must jump down off the Jumparoo and run around and catch the player before they find their spot on the Jumparoo.
Want to take it up a notch? Have all the other ducks start jumping, which will make it harder for the Goose and another player to get back on!

kids jumping toy

Red Light Green Light

In this variation, the goal is to get all the way around the Jumparoo back to your original spot before the red light turns back on. Kids must jump their way around the tube and if they are caught mid-jump when the light turns red, they’re out!

Simon Says

There are endless ways you can play Simon Says on the Jumparoo! Simon can pick a certain color on the cover to jump on, only use one leg to jump, or demand no one touch the bars. Put your kids in charge and enjoy the alone time while they play.

kids jumping toys

What games have your kids been implementing in their jumping play? We would love to hear in the comments where their imagination has taken them!