Best Indoor Trampoline For High-Energy Kids

Do you have a high-energy kiddo? It can be tough to give them activities that can help them get that energy out in a safe and fun way. Trampolines are great but aren’t always the safest way for kids to play since there’s a danger of falling off, double bounces, and other things that can cause injury. Trampolines have gotten safer in the past few years, but it’s still not always safe for younger kids. We know that you only want the best for your children, and their safety is the most important thing to you. Wouldn’t it be great if fun and safety could coincide?

We have the solution for you! Indoor trampolines are a safer way for children to bounce and jump their wiggles away. There’s less danger of them falling off, and there’s still all the fun of a trampoline. But when you’re looking for an indoor trampoline for your kids, you want to make sure that you’re making the right choice. You want to ensure that you’re getting something that will be a lot of fun for the kids while putting your mind at ease regarding safety. When you’re ready to purchase an indoor trampoline, there are plenty of things to consider. 

How To Choose The Best Kids Indoor Trampoline

Your kids will love having an in-house trampoline. Every kid enjoys having the chance to jump and bounce to their heart’s content, and an indoor trampoline for kids offers so much fun and safety. Of course, you should still supervise your kids while bouncing on an indoor trampoline, but you can rest assured that they are less likely to fall off and get injured. 

Look for an indoor trampoline with safety features such as bars to hold onto and a bounce pad that is low to the ground or has netting around it. Keeping this in mind will help you choose the best kids' indoor trampoline. We have a perfect option for you in your search.

Jungle Jumparoo

trampoline with bars

Our Jungle Jumparoo provides an ideal way for kids to have a safe and fun trampoline experience. The bars offer safety that you’ll find on few trampolines, allowing your kids to get on and off safely and stay safe while jumping. No double bounces mean that even young children can play, and the Jungle Jumparoo is for all ages. It can be used outside, but it’s also perfect for indoor play, so it can be used in all seasons. And your kids will love having an indoor trampoline at home. 

The bars on a Jungle Jumparoo have several benefits for your children as they play. They help improve and increase their overall balance, coordination, and grip strength. There are other trampolines with bars, but they can easily tip over and be unbalanced, but the Jungle Jumparoo is designed to keep kids safe while jumping and exploring.

Jungle Jumparoo is fantastic for day care, preschool, summer camps, or in your own home. It doesn’t take up much space and is an excellent addition to any room in your house. Even just ten minutes on a Jungle Jumparoo helps your children be healthy and active while having a lot of fun. Your house will be the favorite in the neighborhood. Set it up, and let the fun begin!

Jungle Jumparoo Mini


The Jungle Jumparoo Mini is just like the Jungle Jumparoo but a little smaller to make it easier for small children to enjoy. It still has the same bars and other safety features but is slightly shorter and lower to the ground. The safety bars are the perfect size for small hands to grab onto, and the low inner tube makes it less harmful to fall off of the toy. 

The fun of a Jungle Jumparoo Mini is endless, and it’s ideal for helping young children get all their energy and wiggles out in a safe environment, no matter the weather. You can rest easy knowing that your kiddos are having fun and being safe with our indoor trampolines. 

Indoor Trampoline Accessories

Jungle Jumparoos also have a ton of fun indoor trampoline accessories to add to the fun for your kids. We have a rope swing that attaches to the Jungle Jumparoo, an imagination tent that will provide hours of imaginary play, bumper pads to make the Jungle Jumparoo even safer, and more. Check out our accessories to see what you can add to your kids’ joy. Give them even more activities to enjoy when they’re stuck inside.

Rope Swing

The custom-made Jungle Rope Swing is an excellent addition to your Jungle Jumparoo. It attaches to the upper frame of your indoor trampoline, and the rope doesn’t tangle while your kids swing, hang, and twist. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use, and your kids will love it. 

Swings are a classic playtime activity. When you can’t take your kids to a playground to swing, let them swing in your own house or backyard. That way, kids can still have playground fun even when the weather is rough.

Imagination Tent

imagination tent


Our Indoor Imagination Play Tent is another way to add a level of fun and pretend to your Jungle Jumparoo. An indoor tent gives kids space to stretch their imaginations, no matter the season. Just put the kids’ tent over the bars of your Mini Jungle JumpaRoo to create whole new worlds for your kiddos. 

Our play tent is built for time travel, space exploration, and voyages to distant lands, giving your Jungle Jumparoo a whole new dimension of fun. Your kids will love having a space just for them to pretend and explore.

Bumper Pads

bumper pads


Bumper Pads make your Jungle Jumparoo even safer. They cover the screws on top of the Jungle Jumparoo to provide a little more cushioning when your children are jumping. This helps prevent accidents and injuries that could happen by bumping heads on the top of the metal bars. 

Other Indoor Trampoline Options 

indoor trampoline


While we believe the Jungle Jumparoo is one of the best indoor trampoline options, other options are available. There are other indoor trampoline brands or other alternatives to trampolines altogether. Anything that lets your kiddos bounce, jump, and play are good options. You can use inflatable pool toys, bean bag chairs, large stuffed animals, and more. 

Other indoor trampolines often have bars to hold onto, but the Jungle Jumparoo has vertical bars instead of horizontal, and they are evenly spaced to provide balance to the toy. The Jungle Jumparoo also has add-ons and expansions that the other brands just don’t have. Our accessory options are top-notch and give your children endless ways to play.

Trampoline Guidelines To Prevent Injury

There are a few guidelines to follow when using a trampoline, even indoors. These guidelines are meant to help prevent injury and make kids' indoor trampolines even safer. Most of them are common-sense guidelines, but it’s always good to refresh.

First and foremost, make sure that the ground you’re putting your trampoline on is level. Clear things away from the area you’re using; if it’s outside, make sure it’s not on a slanted surface. Don’t set it up on concrete, either. Try for grass or carpet. If a fall does happen, you don’t want your kiddo to fall onto a hard surface, even when it’s a minor fall.

Keep an eye on kids while they’re bouncing. Jumping should be a supervised activity. Jungle Jumparoos tend to be safer than other trampolines, but it’s still wise to ensure children play safely. 

Most other guidelines, such as checking the springs and netting for tears or removing ladders when not in use, aren’t necessary with a Jungle Jumparoo. Your kids will have a safer experience with a Jungle Jumparoo than with a traditional trampoline or even most other indoor trampolines. But it’s just as fun, if not more so, than other trampolines. Jungle Jumparoos are for all ages. Even adults can get in on the fun so the whole family can play together.

Choosing Your Indoor Trampoline

High-energy kiddos will find that a Jungle Jumparoo is a safe and effective way to get their energy and wiggles out. A Jungle Jumparoo doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit in any playroom or living room. They can play actively indoors while keeping their play contained to one spot. Let them experience all the fun of a trampoline without the danger of injuries that come with a traditional trampoline. 

If you have children begging you for a trampoline, you can give them just what they’re looking for while providing them with the safety you’re looking for. With all of the accessories Jungle Jumparoo has to offer, there’s no end to the fun that your kids can have. They’re strong and sturdy and have a one-time, easy setup. You’ll have this toy for years to come, and it will continue to provide fun and excitement for your kids. It’s a one-of-a-kind toy, and you don’t want to miss out on it.