2013 Cooper River Bridge Run Kids Run & WonderFest!

Ready.  Set.  Jump! Charleston, South Carolina On April 5, 2013 the Jungle Jumparoo bounced into town for the Cooper River Bridge Run, kids run, Expo and Wonderfest! Families from all over attended this remarkable event to celebrate health, fitness and fun! Activities such as rock climbing, bounce houses and electric bull riding filled the park. The latest toys, giant balls, sumo inflatables, electric birds and kid rock bands made this event new and innovative. The Jungle Jumparoo was part of the day beau of the newest toys kids had never seen or experienced before. Parents gathered around while kids were drawn to this toy, literally running to have their turn to jump. We learned a few things! First, kids LOVE the Jungle Jumparoo! Second, parents cannot get their kids off of it and they were shocked that their kids really would not get off. Third, there is a huge market for this great product and we are more excited than ever to take it to the masses! [gallery ids="501,500,497,499,498,495"]