Jungle Jumparoo is a hit at Jordan's Birthday party!

Birthday parties are always filled with kids bouncing off the walls. This is the perfect setting for a wild way to bounce. This weekend at Jordan's 6th birthday party, kids of all ages enjoyed their first time jumping on the Jungle Jumparoo. Parents were thrilled to have a safe and fun way to entertain their kids so they could munch and mingle. Jordan and her friends enjoyed playing games from their imagination such as "simon says" and "king of the tire." Everyone got a chance to bounce with the birthday girl and some stayed on the Jumparoo for the en'tire' three hour birthday. (pun intended). The Jungle Jumparoo was a huge hit and parents were glad to 'tire' their kids of all their energy before heading home. Fun was had by all! [gallery ids="369,371,372,374,375,376,377,378,379,380" orderby="rand"] Video Clips from the party: