Jumpin’ News

Jump into Fall with us!  


Co-founder Rachel McMurtrey and the amazing team from Good Things Utah are here to jump into Summer the right way!

Watch out Mom & Dad, it’s summer time! Watch owner Rachel McMurtrey as she kicks off the summer with some sizzling summer savings on KSL/Studio5.


We love visiting Studio 5 KSL Utah with Brooke! Kids love this toy and so do we!


Annual International Toy Fair proves toys aren’t just for kids anymore. Channel 11 NYC picked the Jungle Jumparoo as one of their featured toys for this years toy fair! We will jump to that.


The toy we have all been waiting for and a parents dream come true for Christmas! No more kids jumping off the walls and couch during the long winter months. Kids can be active and have a blast bouncing away on the Jungle Jumparoo for hours. This Christmas, your family will be jumping for joy with your very own Jungle Jumparoo!


Good Things Utah!

Even Troy can jump on the Jungle Jumparoo! Troy with Good Things Utah was the highlight of the show.


We had a jumping good time with Studio 5 with our Jungle JumpaRoo!! In case any of you missed it or live outside the Utah area.


Co-Founder Rachel McMurtrey was on ABC/4 Good Things Utah this morning. Watch the live broadcast with Rachel below: